This month I finally had some time to do some personal projects, which was a great release. Here are some characters from a story I'm working on....most likely they will change once I get to know them more in my mind.

I've been reading The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel (reccommended to me by Amazon). There are exercises for a year (sort of like The Artist's Way) but since I dont have the patience, I just read it like its a regular book, picking up little inspirations here and there. One of the exercises was to list 5 obstacles to my creativity. Mine are:

1. Procrastination
2. Not getting out enough to see art, to be inspired
3. Too busy sometimes, no time to even breathe
4. Feel like I have no voice, a phoney baloney
5. Jealousy/envy of others sometimes stops me cold

So many things are swirling in my head regarding my art and creativity these days.