I have been tagged by Anja to list six weird things about me. (Thanks, Anja!) Let's see...

1.The words "Bod" (short for Body) and "hubby" (short for husband) makes me cringe...so if you say "hubby's bod" I may just kill over.

2. Very scared of Chinese hopping vampires.

3. I like using sound effects when I talk.

4. I love play food/toy groceries, drawings of food.

5. A big fan of the anime series Naruto and have been watching it nonstop on YouTube for the past few months.

6. A disturbing amount of chicken things in my home. 80% of it are gifts from friends/family. They are very good at feeding my addiction.

I tag Courtney, Emila, Chris, Shawn, Paula and Mrs. B. Have fun! :-)