Working at home sometimes got its disadvantages- like not getting out of the house enough. I went to visit my parents in Philadelphia so I can get a break from my own place. I love my laptop and can just work about anywhere. Now I am back and feeling refreshed, here are some finished crafts I've been meaning to take pictures of.

Above is my recently finished needlebook- who knew a girl needed a needlebook? Honestly, I didn't know of such things until I've seen a few people made them and indeed, it was handy t0 have. So I decided to make it out of felt, something I haven't worked with since childhood.

This is my initial sketch (done in Illustrator, of course!) Originally I wanted to use scraps of fabric with the felt, but it didnt turn out the way I wanted. Its fun to see my idea and the final result.

I've wanted to post this for quite a while now. Its my first quilt-and first project made with my hello kitty machine. Its a lap quilt-around 23"x23". Now I have a whole new appreciation for quilters!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my website. I am so happy to get so much positive feedback. Happy Spring to all!