Random creative distractions

Sometimes its just nice getting off the computer and do some creative things with my hands. Maybe thats why I've been so drawn to crafting and sewing in the past few months. I made this fabric basket (from Amy Butler's In Stitches, excellent book!!):

I'm also a secret anime/manga fan, I don't talk about it too much here but I can see it influencing my work more and more. This past saturday was free comic day so it was off to the comic shop. Besides the free comics, Mathboy and I wanted to pick up a plastic model to build, just for the fun of it:

Ok, we thought we would get a small one just to get our feet wet. This little guy is only about 2.5 inches tall and was super easy to put together. Thought it might be harder since the instructions were in Japanese. The gun actually shoots! How cute!

I think after taking these little creative breaks, I can go back to my illustration with a fresh eye and perspective. So I guess I am off to draw some robots...!