Greeting cards

I'm taking a greeting cards class at the School of Visual Arts this summer. When I tell people this, I get alot of "Why do YOU need to take a greeting cards class?" Partly for motivation and inspiration, meeting new people, and simply for me to get out of my studio once in a while. The first assignment was to "create two 5 x7 cards using an icon, exploring different mediums." Ok, I have to admit, I was not thrilled about this assignment. After all, I know how I like to create my illustrations (the computer) and thats that, right? But after a little thought and seeing it as a challenge, it made perfect sense that I started using my left over scraps of fabric to create something.

These cards were made using leftovers- watercolor paper (when I use to paint!), fabric scraps, felt. sobo glue and the sewing machine. They were like mini quilts except I feel they were less constricting....I didn't have a need to sew everything, some pieces were glued when I felt necessary. Anyways, I enjoyed making these very much, so you'll be seeing more of these soon!