Thinking blogger Award

Awww shucks, guess what? I am honored to receive a Thinking blogger award from David Sones (Pickledog)! Its even more wonderful because ever since I found the Pickledog blog I've been a fan of his since...not only do I love his style, I love his color he definitely makes me think. So, thank you so much, David and Pickledog!

Now I am suppose to pass it on to five other bloggers with the honor. Thats a tough many great blogs, too little time. Here's a few that picks my brain:

-Keri Smith/Wish Jar Journal
What? You haven't been to her blog yet? It is one of the very first blogs I've discovered and still reading after years and years. Her philosophy on life and creativity constantly amazes me.

-Danny Gregory/Everyday Matters
Danny's philosophy on creativity also resonates with me quite well. In fact, I got tons of great advice/inspiration when I was deciding whether or not to plunge into the world of freelancing.

-Sally Shim/Shim and Sons
Sally makes everything sophisticated, modern, and beautiful. I can't help but secretly wish I had her sense of elegant taste. Her photography of everyday life is especially a joy to see, which reminds me its the small things in life that matter. Plus, her sons are adorable!

Tokyo Bunnie
-A blog about artists/happening/products.....I LOVE all the looks like I have similar taste as Tokyo Bunnie.

Hello, cutesville! All things cute brings me squealing and she's got it.