Improving on your work

I am always looking for ways to improve my work. Sometimes it only takes a small detail in making an illustration from just OK to being great. Digging around the computer, I found this old piece I did for my portfolio from a few years back.

This illustration is ok- cute enough, but nothing too special. I was lucky in that I had (and still have) an awesome agent to help me improve on this piece. The cat needs to look more like a cat and the mouse needed to look more like a mouse (even if they are drawn in my style). The most important thing of all is that an illustration tells a story. What story was this image telling? Is it loud and clear?

The new and improved version. Besides the new details in the room (curtain, lampshade, etc.) There is more of an element in story telling; the cat is now holding a fork, there is a mouse trap with cheese. The cat is definitely on the hunt for mice.

I've learned a great deal with this piece and try to bring the same attention to details to all my illustrations. Hopefully this helped you too!