ATCs- 2nd attempt

My second attempt at artist trading cards, some nice revisions from the first ones I made. They are digital prints with bits of fabric collage. I am happy with these, except with the print quality on them, my printer is acting up- and its not happy printing from Illustrator. So they are slightly pixelated/fuzzy and washed out in color than I would like. (Probably can't tell with the photo.) I like the idea of naming the characters, since they are on a trading card after all. Alright, I hope the folks I traded with like these and want to adopt one of them!

Above is an ATC I got from Eslina called "Duck tape?" Thank, Eslina! I think this is hilarious! Plus, look at the pretty envelope it came in. So very thoughtful. I finally decided to buy some cello sleeves for my cards when I saw that.