This is my submission to Revista Colectiva, The Supermarket issue.
(Thanks, Juancho for the invitation!)

I'm happy with the way this turned out...doing these personal pieces frees me up. When I know I am not doing something specificly for the children's market, which have many restrictions in a way (especially in textbook publishing and in the US.), I can play a little more. Or maybe its just all in my head. My sketchbooks use to be filled with alot more wacky-ness. Now its just all stuff for work.

Anyways, thank you for everyone's comments regarding my last post on STYLE. I agree with Zime that concept and the voice of the illustrator is part of the style and is what I am usually drawn to. And Bravo to those of you who can work in many styles! Personally, I am ok with working in one style BUT it is constantly changing and evolving...which means experimenting and working out of your comfort zone.

Alrighty, let me get off my soap box for now. Until next time, folks.