21 Day Creative Challenge- Day 1 of 21

I'm joining in with a bunch of illustrators who are doing a creative challenge that started with the talented illustrator Gina Perry. Here is what she had to say:

"During Laurie Halse Anderson's keynote at the 2008 NESCBWI conference last weekend, she gave us a challenge. Think you don't have time? She does. At least 15 minutes. Pick a time of day and mark it in your dayplanner or calender. She mentioned that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Also, pick a buddy or two to help you stay focused and on track. I challenge all of you who read this to join me."

And thanks to Alicia Padron for posting about it too and getting me to join in the fun! For more info about the challenge, please go here and here.

The challenge I picked for myself is to draw people....something I still feel not 100% comfortable with. Its probably why you don't see many people here on this blog. But this is a challenge! And here is one!

On a side note, THANK YOU so much for all the well wishes on my engagement :-)