My New favorite Children's books!

Last weekend, I went browsing at the Kinokuniya bookstore...checking out all the Re-Ment Miniatures and resisting the temptation to buy any...then only to discover these books instead- they are now my new favorite! I can't read Japanese ( I guess the Japanese I learned from watching anime isn't going to help me now) but after some research, I found out they are a popular series called "Bam & Kero" by Yuka Shimada.
Although I can't read the text, I can tell what is going on just by the pictures. They have a cute yet off-beat quirkiness and humor about them; my favorite combination.
Oh yes, and the illustrations are to die for. Yes, I want to live in that world. (I know this sounds really dramatic, but I am definitely in love with the art!)

I only bought two of the books but now I am tempted to buy the whole series. They are that wonderful!