My Latest Picture Book!

How long did it I wait to post this!? Let me introduce to you my latest picture book, The Haunted Ghoul Bus, written by Lisa Trumbauer, illustrated by me. I got my advance copy a few weeks ago and was so excited about it, or was it "omg omg omg omg omg!?!!!"

I also got an opportunity to design the book, so I felt in total control. Having an art director and an editor who completely believes in me makes me want to give 110%. Its hardcover with embossed pages, with a beautiful, high quality printing. I'm super pleased.

A favorite detail in the book, my vampires drinking from "blood juice" boxes:
It will be in bookstores in October, and on pre-order on Amazon right now. I'll be posting more about this book till its release!

Oh and goodness, thank you for ALL the comments about my "routine" entry! I think I have a name that I like for the Pink Bear. I promise you'll be seeing more of him (yes, its a him) soon!