My Re-Ment Miniatures Habit

I love my siblings!!! What's this, you say? I just got a package of Re-Ments from my sister who recently went on trip to Japan. Look at all of this! I never got this much Re-Ments all in one shot!

If that wasn't enough, my brother also went to Japan (separately) and hooked me up with more Re-Ments, the grocery shelves and cabinet:
So here is my awesome Re-Ment grocery aisle, I love looking at it and re-arranging the foods and signs. It stands about 8 inches tall:
One of my mom's friends came over and saw my toys and asked if they were from my childhood. I said, "Umm, no000 I just got that the other day!" Hahah! And then she found out I was a children's book illustrator and it finally made sense to her. My profession is a lovely excuse to have toys around and get away with it.

I'm so thankful for having siblings who feed my habits. And also those of you who send me chicken links and chicken things!

Thank you for everyone's comments on The Haunted Ghoul Bus book. I am not sure if its available internationally, but I hope so. I can't wait to see it in Barnes and Nobles...its going to be a huge milestone for me.