Thank you

Thank you to the super sweet Diana Evans for this one sweet blog award. She is always drawing something food-related and you know I LOVE food artwork!!! And speaking of which, my new fascination is red velvet cupcakes from Crumbs. They seem to be opening up more bakeries in NY, I just saw one that will open up near union square. So good!

I'll give this award to so many of you who supported my book, The Haunted Ghoul Bus. I've been hearing from so many people who went to look for it at Barnes & Nobles, bought it, told me where exactly it was positioned, strategically RE-placing it for me (lol), or sending their congratulations. It really means alot to me. Thank you, I am humbled.

And a special thank you over to Splendid Sustenance who gave the book a 5 star review over on Amazon. My first review there ever! Exciting!!!