A Workshop I am Excited About!

I just got an email today from the Society of Illustrators announcing a workshop with Illustrator Marcos Chin. He is pretty famous for his illustrations for the Lavalife ad campaign that is all over NYC. I can't be more excited since I am a big fan of his work (plus all that time sitting in the subway staring at his ads and wondering how he did it.) I signed up after 2 minutes I got the email.

This workshop requires that you "bring your own fully charged laptop," which I thought was really funny. Even though I am a digital artist and I do indeed have a laptop, I've never gone to a workshop that runs that way. Welcome to the new age of technology.

Another note- The Original Art show is now up at the Society of Illustrators, which showcases art from children's books of the year. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, but will hopefully go this weekend (and dreaming to be in the show one day.) Running now till November 26th.