A little Incentive in this Econcomy

Originally I did this coupon image for Illustration Friday's topic "Save." Many people encouraged me to actually make this and send it out. So when I won a giveaway over at Vectips.com-1000 business cards from uprinting.com, I couldn't resist and went for it! They did a great job and do custom sizing, so these are a little wider than your usual business card. Plus, I got full color on both sides!

Special shout out to Ryan over at Vectips for picking me! (please go check out the site, especially my fellow Adobe Illustrator lovers! Great tips on all things vector!)

And thank you for everyone's comments about my Halloween stickers! Its been a bit busy here, and I am also going to FRANCE next week! Woohoo! Just trying to get everything in order before I leave...so until then...cluck cluck!