Vector book Love

I realized if someone asked me what is the one thing I can't live without, and the answer might possibly be "Adobe Illustrator." So here is a book that gives vector art all the love, and I'm a contributor for it! Its called Vector Graphics and Illustration, A Master Class in Digital Image-Making by Jack Harris and Steven Withrow.

I'm in the pictorial narratives section, with a write up under "Chickengirl and Children's books." I was pretty amused by that.
There are also some tutorials and artist profiles (which I didn't get one, I must say I had to pick my ego off the floor from that!) But I am very honored to be with a bunch of fabulous vector artists-one of my favorites is Catalina Estrada-she is so amazing! There are very few books on vector art in comparison to books on photoshop and other programs, so this is a gem to me. Thanks to the authors Steven and Jack for letting me be a part of it!

And hey, I'm on the back of the book! There is my pirate bunny!