Surtex-Final Thoughts

Surtex was an incredible experience! I learned about what kind of industry was interested in my work, and discovering new companies I would of never known about. And I had alot of fun! Traffic was good for me as a first time exhibitor. The number of Surtex exhibitors was low compared to past years. I'd like to think this worked to my advantage though.

Being a freelancer, I don't get out of the house much, so one of the best part was getting to meet fellow artists and illustrators, (many which I've got to know through blogs.) One of the first people I met at set up day was fellow Illustration for Kids member Holli Conger- its so great to finally "meet" after years of knowing each other online. Also so many illustrators with blogs I finally got to see: Deb Melmon, Liz Goulet Dubois, Barbara Johansen Newman, Ellen Crimi-Trent and Kristin Sorra. It was also wonderful to see illustrators Mike Moran and Chris Reed walking the show. I'm a fan of their work and I'm quite flattered that they knew my work too! Meeting some fellow first time exhibitors was great too- hello to Eric Comstock of Comstock Design- they had some super cute alphabet art! Hope I didn't miss anyone- I talked with so many talented people in the span of 3 days.

I'm still struggling personally as to what kind of industry I want to work for. My number one passion is still children's books, but I'm definitely interested in exploring other streams of income as well.

Checked the stats on my website and found alot of people are coming through the Print & Pattern blog. Thanks Bowie for featuring me in your Surtex posts!

Getting back in the swing of things is very hard after a trade show. But I've got a few deadlines so I better get back to work. This is my report and I am sticking to it. I hope to attend again next year!