Effects of The Bad Economy

This post was suppose to be about this new book I illustrated and designed that was suppose to be coming out in the Fall.

But it isn't.

These are the printer copies that I received, but it won't be coming out in Fall 09. If I am lucky, it might be on the Spring 2010 list. But it is uncertain for now.

For the past few weeks, I've been hearing more layoff news than ever before. Old colleagues, friends, many people I know are getting the pink slip. One of the biggest shockers is when I heard Nickelodeon Magazine is going to close down. I use to work there as a designer and it saddens me that many of the long time staff there will be losing their jobs.

Personally, I am surviving in this economy. But of course all the news around me worries me a little. I'm generally positive though, still churning out new art, still promoting myself, still keeping hope that there are still new businesses to be had.

How is the bad economy effecting you and your attitude for your business?