Sprucing Up

There's been alot of sprucing up lately! Over at Ilustration for Kids, we got an updated logo and look (thanks, Holli!), with images used for our recent fall mailer. We are also at Facebook and twitter. Come follow us!

Our individual profile pages were also updated, with a fun Q & A section. Find out stuff like what kind of animal I want to be (no, its not a chicken) or some of my favorite artists. There is a "real" picture of me, I think I kind of look evil. Should I swap it out with a stock photo of a chicken instead?

A much needed update also went on over at my personal site. Happy to be using my moving monster as my welcome page. Oddly, the colors match exactly with the tabs above. And here I was thinking I've been making an effort in using different color palettes.

Please go visit and let me know what you think. Happy Friday!