I spy my book...at Barnes & Nobles!

I know its not even Thanksgiving yet but stores everywhere are already displaying alot of Christmas items. This weekend, I went to my local Barnes and Nobles and sure enough, they have my new book there! Its called The Great Reindeer Rebellion, written by Lisa Trumbauer and illustrated by yours truly. Its a great companion to The Haunted Ghoul Bus, with the same format and embossed pages, both published by Sterling.

What happens when the reindeers go on strike? Santas and his elves enlist other animals to pull the sleigh for him!
Some interior spreads:

There are some funny and interesting stories I would like to share while working on this book. But I will save that for another post. For now, I just want to officially announce it here that this book is released! You can get it on Amazon or at your local Barnes & Nobles.

Cluck cluck!