Monsters Celebrate Holidays too!

My holiday cards are here!!! I've decided to switch things up and did 4 different designs this year. In my ventures into licensing, one of the things I've learned was in creating collections; images that go together, especially in a set like this. I've noticed that I only do alot of one-offs (besides doing books.) So I thought I would give myself that challenge when making holiday cards this year.

You'll notice these are the same monster from the moving monster piece I did (which by the way, I'm getting them printed as a self promo card). They were fun enough for me to crank out 4 designs very quickly.

So let me introduce to you:
Sleepy Monster
Knitting Monster
Santa Monster
Baker Monster

I'll be using these to send to friends, family & clients. Also put some up in my shop if you are interested :-)

And if I don't post before then, Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! I will be staying here in Ann Arbor this year instead of traveling, but tickets are booked to spend Christmas with my family in PA and NY. I can't wait!