Creating a Board Book Cover

I thought I would share my rounds of sketches in creating the book cover for The Great Matzoh Hunt. Even though this was a simple board book, a dynamic cover is a must to grab the attention of kids (and parents buying the book.)

  • Round 1: When I think of matzoh, I think of matzoh ball soup. Thats why Duck is holding a ball. Oops! There are four characters in the book, yet all of them on the cover seems a little too crowded.

  • Round 2: The matzoh is fixed and three characters are now on the page. Although all three characters are given equal attention but Duck is the one who finds the matzoh.

  • Round 3: Duck is scaled bigger for a much better layout. Ready to go to color!

  • Round 4: Question about the bunny's gesture- does she look like she is searching?

  • Round 5: Testing out a different gesture on the bunny- maybe she needs to be on her hands and knees? Shaved duck's "feathers" on his head too. Hm....

  • Round 6: The first bunny was OK afterall. The pale yellow background was changed into a brighter green for a bolder look. This is the final-hooray!

  • With the type and on the book!