The Great Matzoh Hunt

I illustrated a board book that was just released a few days ago called The Great Matzoh Hunt, a companion to Light the Menorah, both published by PSS. A funny coincidence: this is the second book I've worked on in which the title starts with "The Great..." (the other, The Great Reindeer Rebellion.)

Anthropomorphic animals going around the house looking for the matzoh? Oh yes, I did like this job very much!

Its also a lift-the-flap book, and I had the freedom of coming up with where the flap was and what was underneath. I hope the kids will enjoy the fun little things I put there while they look for the matzoh with the animals.
If I can get away with drawing anthropomorphic plates and cups, I will do so!
I also sneaked in some chicken goodness in this book (which I actually try to do in all my books.) A little teaser for you to go and check it out in the bookstores at least! Also available on Amazon.