100% Digital Finger Painting

With a 4 hour train ride from Ann Arbor to Chicago, I had some time to kill. So I had fun playing around again with the Brushes app on my iPhone. I wonder about the possibilities on a bigger screen (aka iPad)?!?

I had a wonderful time in Chicago. When I stepped out of the train, I saw the tall buildings and concrete and felt instantly at home. I forgot how much I missed the cityscape. The Art Institute of Chicago had an impressive collection and it was welcomed break from surfing the internet for inspiration. It reminded me I should go to the museums more often. Other fun things: wanted to buy everything at Penelope's, t-shirt for husband at Threadless, crafty pilgrimage to Renegade Handmade, walk at Millennium Park, dim sum at Chinatown, grilled octopus at Greektown. (we didn't end up having deep dish pizza though. I suspect my loyalty is still with the NY thin slice!) This trip was just what I needed- already planning to try to go back soon!