Illustrating Children's Picture Books

There is a great book out right now that I'm so honored to be a part of. It is called Illustrating Children's Picture Books, written by Steven Withrow and Lesley Breen Withrow. Don't you just love the cover?
I feel really humbled to have gotten a double page spread artist profile...along with other artists I admire such as Steve Mack, Bob Staake, and Meomi in the digital dreams section. (I'm not worthy!)
I find this book fresh, modern and very extensive. A complete resource and well-rounded guide to creating picture books. There are alot of tips on visual storytelling, tutorials, and of course, inspiration.

Its weird-I've been getting little signs from the universe that this is the year where I'm going to complete my picture book dummy (write AND illustrate.) Yes, I've been working on that more than ever lately, and this book gave me a little spark to push me along. Thank you, Steve and Lesley, for including me. Get it here on Amazon.