New York + Tim Burton Exhibit @ MoMA

More traveling this past week- this time back to NYC for fun, family, and friends. I finally got to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. No pictures inside, so this is the only picture I got in the main lobby. The exhibit was incredible but it was way too crowded. I could of spent a few more hours in there really looking at everything but it was just impossible. Thought it wouldn't be so since the show has been running for quite a while. Perhaps it wasn't wise of me to go when it was the opening weekend of Alice in Wonderland?!?

I do have an all new respect for Tim Burton, and the show made me want to go draw something weird and twisted.
Along with trying to see friends, go to old hang outs, I also spotted The Great Matzoh Hunt at the Barnes & Nobles in Union Square.

A little injection of city life and now back to work!