Design Festa-Tokyo, Japan

I'm back from Tokyo!!! It was an absolutely amazing trip...I don't even know where to start. I will concentrate on the wonderful art and design graphics that I saw-which is everywhere and absolute eye candy. One of the reasons for the visit was to attend Design Festa, which is a twice-a-year art event that is held in Tokyo. Many artists, illustrators, and designers get together in a huge space to show off their work. I originally found out about this show through Spadazzle- an artist I met online a few years ago that now lives in Japan. And we finally got to meet in person! (Thank you, Sarah!)

I wish I took more pics from the event. Here is a few that I got:
Amazing cut paper and pop-ups:
This booth was super crowded, I wanted to go back to buy something, but I didn't end up getting a chance.

This owl dude got lots of attention!

Oh my. All the food plushies anyone can dream of.

I want a plushie playhouse like this.

Creatures made from paper.

Can't go without taking a picture of a Japanese girl in a cute costume:
Mitsune Temo and The Round Earth Committee

There is just so much more-aisles and aisles of art. It was so worth it to go, as I got to see how the art trends are like in Asia. I kept thinking-what if I stayed in Asia and never moved to the US, how would my style look like then? I also felt a comaraderie of sorts; seeing fellow illustrators making awesome art.

I got to play catch-up for now, as I need to get back to business after a fabulous week in Tokyo doing no work. I bought alot of very cute things (ahem, for inspiration, ya know?) so when I get a chance to take pictures of them, I will share them here. So make sure to come back if you like kawaii stuff!