Highlights Illustrators Party 2010

Outside of the Highlights Office
This past weekend, I was at the Highlights Illustrators party in Honesdale, PA. An opportunity to get out my studio and talk with...other people! And illustrators at that! This time was extra special since 4 out of 7 of us in our Illustration for Kids group got to get together (Paula, Susan, Jenn, and I).These ladies have been with me at the very beginning of my illustration career and its amazing that 4 years later we get to meet in person.

And I also got to meet alot of other great illustrators, alot of them in which I've gotten to know from online- Jennifer Thermes, Karen Lee, Julie Fortenberry, Liz Dubois, Barry Gott, Jim Paillot, Mike Moran, Brian White (and so many others to mention! Forgive me its been a long weekend.)

Portfolio Sharing
There was an illustrators seminar (which I will do another post on) and portfolio sharing afterwards. 
My Portfolio, books, and cards
There were silly costumes and square dancing. They know how to throw a good party! Thank you so much to all the folks over at Highlights. Hope to see you all next year.