Top Ten things Illustrators can do to make Highlights Happy

At the Highlights Illustrators party, there was a seminar with a panel of Highlights' editors and art directors. There was a list of "Top Ten Things Illustrators can do to Make Highlights Happy" - (a la Letterman style). Thought I would share it here:

     10- Bring your unique style.

       9- Read the story, have details reflected in the art.

       8- Read the art notes.

       7- Do your homework, research details. (even cartoony spiders have 8 legs.)

       6- Leave room for caption, art should fit in space.

       5- Remember the age group.

       4- Be responsive to sketch revisions. Re-compose the layout if necessary.

       3- Remember the Highlights statement. (They are fun, but not sassy...)

       2- Meet the deadlines.

       1- Humor them. (Put seat belts on aliens in spaceships, life vests on
           Canoeing raccoons!)