Screen Printing Workshop

A few weekends ago, I took a silkscreening workshop over at Blue House Ann Arbor. The last time I did silk screening was in my art school days (and that was a long time ago.) And of course I had to be the idiot who pulled emulsion on the screen while it was laying flat and got it all over the table. Blah.

Anyways, it did turn out well, since I got my evil robot design onto a few tees and a few scraps of test fabric, which I'll hopefully turn into a tote bag.
Here is one of my tees, hanging to be dried. Apologies for the quality of these photos as I took these with my iphone in a dark room.

So what next? Do I want to start my silk screening empire? I actually have a basement in which I can set up shop. But who knows, I already have way too much on my plate. It will be on my list of many things I want to do. It is alot of fun.