Sketchbook Project 2011 Pages 48-51

I'm back with my Sketchbook Project 2011! Can you believe its up to page 51 now? To read this story from the beginning, please visit my flickr set.

(please click to enlarge and read)
 *please come back every TUESDAY for a new post for this project!*

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. And thanks for everyone's understanding about my need for a break. (still feeling very guilty!) We drove from Ann Arbor to Philadelphia to visit family and finally got some time in between to put my pages in.

There are about 28 pages left in the sketchbook. I'm not quite sure how I will end this story, since I'm still in the midst of it. Its still a big "to be continued." But I'm happy to be putting my little snippets and thoughts of living here on paper. And to those of you who's been following this far- Thank you. :-)