The End! Last Pages of my Sketchbook Project

So bittersweet. These are my last pages and post of my Sketchbook Project 2011.  To read this story from the beginning, please visit my flickr set.

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Back Cover
Whew! Heck yeah!! I did it! I filled every single page of this sketchbook. I can't believe I spent half a year on this. I want to give a BIG thank you to those of you who came back every Tuesday to support and encourage me. Not only does it provide the energy I needed to continue but also a bit of comfort with the struggle I've been going through.

Things I've learned from this sketchbook project:

-I'm capable of being a storyteller.
-Deadlines are my friends.
-Slow and steady wins the race. Consistency is key.
-There is great power in telling the truth.
-People share similar experiences.

There were thoughts about continuing my comic after this. But right now, I sincerely need a break, as this book took up alot more of my time than I would of liked. There are lots of other personal projects that need my attention, and I would like to finish them.

Comics are still in my future because I still have alot more to say. But for now, time to wrap things up and send this baby back to Art House Co-Op!