What's Up + a New Book! Road Work Ahead

Wow! Has it been a month since I posted anything here? Well, I 'm still alive. This summer has a busy month with many things going on.

Along with participating in Kids Read Comics (where I met so many great comic artists,) I taught a drawing workshop at the Ann Arbor District Library, which was such a learning experience for me as well. Giving a presentation and teaching are definitely two different things. I was also invited to be on Comicsaregreat.tv with Jerzy Drozd and Ryan Estrada. You can watch the video here. We talked about networking and social media. Thanks guys. Jerzy has definitely got me a little less camera shy and somehow got me showing my real face on the internet. Ha.

And yes! A new book coming out in the fall! Its titled Road Work Ahead, written by Anastasia Suen and illustrated by yours truly, published by Viking. Its due to be released on September 15, and I'll be blogging alot more about it soon. In the meanwhile, check out:

More later. Hope everyone is having a great summer. I just got back from a wonderful trip to PA and NYC visiting family and friends. Much needed. Now back to work.