Miss Lilia, aka Nuggie, almost 6 months old
I can not believe my little Nugget is almost 6 months old. Its very strange to imagine life without her. Its been a struggle trying to balance work and taking care of her. Time is very limited so I can only take on so many projects, which is very different than what I'm use to. And being a freelancer, its hard to say no. But I know I need to enjoy the time I have with this little Nugget- she is already growing up so fast. Those smiles are finally coming and she has been very generous with them lately!

As if there were not enough changes in my life already- we are moving to Boston next month. My husband will be a visiting professor at Boston College for a year, so we will be back in the east coast! I'm happy about that since we'll be alot closer to family. But I will miss Ann Arbor. Another official post on that later.

So we are packing up right now and looking forward to our next adventure.