Public Works Week Poster: The Sketches

There was a request over on my Facebook Page to show some of my sketches. So here is a look into illustrating the poster I did for the American Public Works Association.

Sketch 1:

This year's theme was quality of life. The idea was to cover urban, suburban and rural areas and how people enjoy the fruits of public works. I was welcomed to do some typography/hand lettering as well.

Sketch 2:
Had to pack in a few more things like more suburban houses and a farm, so the building was shortened to accommodate.

Sketch 3:

Received feedback that it looked a bit familiar to a previous year's poster with a vertical format. So it needs to be horizontal now. Yikes! Luckily, I work in Illustrator with layers so it wasn't such a bit deal. I had to lose the cut-a-way underground pipes and the subways though, which I was a bit bummed about.

Color Final:
Since this was a "grown up" project, I wasn't sure if I should use a more sophisticated palette. But this was suppose to be a fun busy poster so I used colors that really popped.

It was a fun project! And if you like a poster, here is the link to purchase at the APWA site.