21 Day Challenge- Day 21 of 21!!!

Finally!!! 21 of 21!!! It only took me, oh- 2 months! How embarassing, seriously! Most of you who are on the challenge is on your second round already. It was very difficult for me to draw people. I'm glad I did this though, I came up with some good stuff (along with the bad.)

Now I must go back to drawing some weird packaging or anthropomorphic food characters or something. Ahhh, hello comfort zone. I can be myself again. Hehehe.

21 Day Challenge- Day 18 of 21

Hey guys! I'm still alive!

The good weather got the better of me, and I was out of town visiting my family for a couple days. It actually felt good to be off the computer. Before I knew it, its been a week since my last post.

I decided to spend a little bit more time on this to make up for lost time. I also needed a piece for our Illustration for Kids Summer mailer, so I've combined them and here it is.

21 Day Challenge- Day 16 of 21

A friend tells me I'm slacking, so I better get back to the challenge. I think I am slacking because its getting difficult for me to draw something "fun" that involves drawing people. (If you missed it, my challenge was to draw people for 21 days.)

Anyways, some experimenting with line and texture. This doesn't look like my usual work. I'm not yet sure if I like it or not.