On the Move 2

I recently reconfigured this existing piece into a vertical format, adding a few more vehicles here and there. The original piece got me the Road Work Ahead book gig! Who knew I would love drawing vehicles this much?!

Thank you for the well wishes about Lilia. Its been interesting trying to finding time to work with a baby. I've been trying to work up some promo pieces lately and feeling a bit stagnant. Wanting to take my art to the next level, but not sure what that really means?

Chef Kitty is back!

(click on art for a larger view)

I first found out about this fun blog called They Draw and Cook from Roz (check out her adorable entry here). They invite artists and designers to draw/render a recipe. Since I love drawing food, I had to do this piece. Anyone can participate and submit, so go check it out! Thanks to Nate and Salli for this wonderful idea.

Chef Kitty first appeared when I made some recipe cards. With all her top secret recipes, I'm sure there is a picture book story somewhere. I also forgot how much I love illustrating and designing at the same time. I want to get more of those projects.

On another note, I want to thank Megumi for the sunshine award! Check out her adorable work here.