Illustration Friday- CHICKEN!!!

So my plan for world domination with chickens is finally here! I suggested this week's Illustration Friday topic years ago, so it was quite unexpected. Perhaps its a sign that I should go back to doing IF more.

Well, the pressure is on to come up with some awesome chicken stuff, but I've been drawing tons of chickens already in the past 6 months with my sketchbook project, so those of you new to the blog, please check it out here. I started working on this Super Chickens Club zine just for fun, I'm not sure where its going but thought it would make a clucking good submission.

Bawk bawk bawk!

Chickengirl Comics Presents...A Halloween Special (+IF: Spooky)

I was going to wait and post these on Tuesday instead of pages from my sketchbook project. But since this week's illustration friday topic is "spooky," and I haven't participated in IF in a very very long time, I thought I would post it now. Plus, I am eager to get these pages out there :-)

This was fun and a good exercise since I hardly ever touch photoshop and this is definitely a different technique than what I'm use to. I'm also happy to write a little story for Chicken Girl and Rooster Boy that is more fictional rather than based on real life. I hope I've got more stories like this in me.

lllustration Friday- Flying

I haven't participated in Illustration Friday in ages but this week's topic-"Flying" really inspired me. A mixture of the topic and my desire to do something Halloween-ish made this illo. So happy since I did it for fun-without thinking how it can be used as a portfolio piece or some other purpose. I think us illustrators fall into that trap sometimes and become stuck. I know I do.

Although I think it looks sort of like a greeting card. (Hey Hallmark! Hey American Greetings, are you out there?!) I would love to do a whole line of wacky cards like this. :-)

Illustration Friday-Routine

Its been so long since I've made a fresh piece for IF. Here is a new little character of mine, Pink Bear. I would like to give him a name. I know he is pink and maybe he is really a she. But I feel like he is a boy bear. Any ideas?