New Business Cards

I got some shiny new business cards from

I'll be handing these out at MoCCA Art Fest, which is coming up April 28-29th. I finally booked my tickets and excited to be back in New York, but this time, with a baby in tow! I wish I had lots of new stuff to show but life can only allow me to do so much these days. But I'm still excited to see friends and family. I can't believe I haven't been back since July of last year. So much happened since then.

1-Sided business card

I was in need to restock my business cards when I found a great deal at overnight prints (sign up for their email list, they are great about having sales). I decided to quickly convert an old 2-sided design I had for last year's Surtex show and make it into a more general business card.

I put it up on twitter and unexpectedly got great response, so I thought I would put it up here as well. Stay tuned for more promo-related posts here very soon.

Rounded Corner Love

Thanks to Print Click for featuring my business cards in their 35 Outstanding Rounded Cornered Business Cards Designs. Check out the post for some fabulous inspirations.

Things are a little quiet here on my blog since I'm visiting the beautiful city of Chicago at the moment. I forgot how much I missed the tall buildings, the concrete, and the city sounds. It was just the little zap of energy I needed.

Rounded Corner Business Cards = 20% More Fun!

My new business cards looking like a game of Memory.

First time printing with and I'm very happy with them. Good quality paper and the shipping was fast. Never had anything done with rounded corners before- my type is a little bit close to the edge and its driving me crazy- although I'm sure I'm the only one thinking about it.

This week is all about printing my portfolio and sucking up all the inks in my printer. Surtex is this I ready?!?


A while back I won a giveaway over at Vectips, and the prize was 1000 free business card printing from Now I am so thrilled to be partnering up with UPrinting to host a giveaway of my own here, to give my dear loyal readers a chance to win too! With these crazy economic times, we can all use some free promo materials.

One reader will receive 1000 free business cards printing and one reader will receive one 18" x 24" canvas printing!

If you don't remember, I ended up printing these wacky coupon/business cards, which I will be using at the Surtex show:
The quality was wonderful and I loved how I had the option to make it an unusual size (more coupon size like). I'm very happy with them and plan on printing some postcards next.

So, alright, on to the good stuff!

How to Enter

1. Leave a comment at the end of the blog post, describing what you would use the free business cards and/or prints for.


1000 free standard size business cards for one reader and 1 free 18 x 24 canvas print for one reader.

You can choose from any of their stocks for these items.


Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

I will pick 2 winners randomly on Friday, March 6th. Please make sure that I have a way to contact you if you win. Good luck, everyone!

A little Incentive in this Econcomy

Originally I did this coupon image for Illustration Friday's topic "Save." Many people encouraged me to actually make this and send it out. So when I won a giveaway over at business cards from, I couldn't resist and went for it! They did a great job and do custom sizing, so these are a little wider than your usual business card. Plus, I got full color on both sides!

Special shout out to Ryan over at Vectips for picking me! (please go check out the site, especially my fellow Adobe Illustrator lovers! Great tips on all things vector!)

And thank you for everyone's comments about my Halloween stickers! Its been a bit busy here, and I am also going to FRANCE next week! Woohoo! Just trying to get everything in order before I until then...cluck cluck!