Crafting and Craft Show

With a light dusting of snow this morning in my new town, a 2ft Christmas tree lit, I did a little crafting- making gift tags. I bought one of these craft punch- much fun...a little addicting! And I'm a sucker for red ribbons with little stitchings on them. The penguin and the bear might look familiar, I just took it from some pre-existing art. Pretty easy.

And...I'm doing a local craft show this Saturday, 12/12! Its The Craft Circus Holiday Show. 119 E Liberty, Ann Arbor, from 4-9 pm. Hope to meet some local artists and new people there. I'll be bringing my monster cards and some books. Wish me luck!


Another attempt at going through my fabric stash: fabric collage on watercolor paper greeting card.

Oh how funny with all the comments on the coupon! Everyone is taking up on the free chicken leg offer, I better stock up :-) I think I will do a real promo with it. It will be fun to see who actually redeems the coupon.

Makin' Envelopes

Some experimenting with the reprints I talked about in an earlier post. It was perfect to fold them into envelopes. A little glue on the side and a white label on the front.
Stuffed with my postcards, it was more sturdy.
I sent one to Tom (who sparked this idea) and he gave me some feedback on how the envelope held up through the postal system. A little bit worn on the corners but otherwise it was OK. A fun little experiment indeed!

Ikea bag

A quickie update here with more sewing- bag with zipper made with IKEA fabric. Pattern from Sew Everything Workshop. (a great book with a variety of patterns, I've also made the yoga/ lounge pants from it.)

More update soon...its been hard to keep up with various emails/trades/swaps... please forgive me, I haven't forgotten about you! I've been busy with various things.

I went the Parsons Illustration Alumni reunion at the Society of Illustrators last week. So happy to see old classmates and familar class was always a small, tight knit and friendly group. I also had to go meet with a client and my accountant... maybe dealing with my taxes had completely wiped me out.

Wall pocket

I finally got some time to do some sewing again. Here's a little wall pocket I made for my bulletin board. The little tab on the lower right was meant to hold a pen, but it was too small. It was nice to finally make up my own pattern though (and know how to execute it!)

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas as to what I should do with the reprints. I need to get creative, especially since I have about 200 of them! Tom Barrett had a great idea with turning them into envelopes, I just did a little test run and it looks like might work out! More soon. Thanks, Tom!