New Greeting Cards

I finally made this blank greeting card out of the illustration I did from The Wish Trees giveaway post. I don't have any real personal stationary to use for everyday so this will be very handy.

You know how when you are an artist, and your friends and family expect that everything you give them must be handmade or with your art on them, especially greeting cards? Hey, sometimes I don't have time and have to pick up a Hallmark card! My mom seems to be disappointed when that happens though.
I've also put some of them in my shop. Its been seriously neglected but I hope to be back into it soon.

Chickengirl Design Shop!

Its finally open! Some paper goods with chicken goodness at my new etsy shop. Won't you go and take a visit? Cluck cluck!

Vroom note pad, 4" x 6", 50 sheets. Illustration from this piece I did for Illustration Friday.

Have a good weekend, everyone! :-)