Promos and Art Styles

I'm very honored to be contributing again over at Zero2illo, with this week's focus on promotional materials. Here is a link to the post where I talk about two of my own promo pieces along with some tips and advice. Thanks to Jonathan Woodward, the creator behind Zero2illo, who is also a talented illustrator!

Art Styles
Speaking of which, Jonathan and I are part of 18 artists who share their opinions on artistic styles over at VectorTuts+. It is also part of a digital illustration "session" currently over at Tuts+, with plenty of inspirational posts. I'll be following along. Thanks to Chris Leavens for the interview and its a great article with a diverse bunch of artists. If you love vector art, you'll have to check out Chris' work; along with this fabulous link on how he does it all.

Interview over at Zero2Illo

There is a wonderful new site started by Jon Woodward called Zero 2 illo, a site for aspiring illustrators. An interview of me can be found over here (thanks, Jon!) Right now they are in the midst of a 12 week challenge to get aspiring illustrators' careers off the ground. What a great idea- I'm so happy to see these resources are now available and wishing everyone over there much success.

Thanks to the interview, it got me thinking about my journey into becoming an illustrator. It feels like it was only a little while ago that I was just starting out, and before I knew it, there were some pretty cool jobs coming in. People started to say they know my work. (I'm still pretty shocked when I hear that.) Artists emailing and asking ME for advice-which I try to give as much as possible. Funny thing is though, I'm still in my journey; I'm wondering how to get to the next step myself too.

I especially love the question, "what are your illustration goals for the future?" I've been asked that alot lately for reason, perhaps a question I'm asking myself too. One definite one is to write and illustrate my own childrens' books. Other goals are more abstract and scattered. The problem is, there are so many new and shiny things opened to illustrators; personally its more important that I focus on a few things rather than try everything.

I'm off to Tokyo next week for some major dose of inspiration; and when I get back I will be blogging plenty about it then. So stay tuned.

And another Chicken Girl Design digistamps release is coming up Monday! So I'll be back here to post that before I leave. Cluck cluck!

PikaPackage #5

Just wanted pop in here to quickly mention that I am in this month's PikaPackage giveaway and a little interview in The PikaPackage Zine....along with alot of other fabulous artists! Head over for a chance to win the giveaway here, and you can download the zine here.
And my contribution to the PikaPackage! If you don't know what a PikaPackage is, head over to for more details.

Thank you for all the comments on my holiday cards this year. I'm busy trying to get them together to send to friends, family, and clients. More later!