Painting with iPhone's Brushes App- Girl

I'm back from California where I spent a few days in warm weather, which was much needed. Sad to be back in the cold again but also happy to be back in the swing of things to get ready for the new year.

When traveling, I get plenty of time to play around with the brushes app on my iPhone, so here is a piece I did while on the plane.

Free App featuring Desktop Wallpapers

Freebies! I'm honored to be part of this free app called Galleries 1 by WingedChariot that features an international group of illustrators. You can download this image by yours truly as a desktop wallpaper for your iphone/ ipad/ ipod touch.

There are many more stunning work by various illustrators. Thanks to WingedChariot for having a spot for me. You may want to check out their adorable kids' book app called Scruffy Kitty, featuring the work of Michael Slack, who is definitely one of my favorite illustrators out there.

Art for iPhone/iPad app- ABC Song

I worked on a pretty cool project earlier this year that is now out- an iPhone/iPad app for HarperCollins Publishers called ABC Song. I did the art for it and they did an amazing job of bringing my art to life. It is pretty cool to see my art animated.

Some screen shots:

To see a preview, please check it out over at Curious Puppy!

**Its only $0.99 and you can download it over at iTunes here.** It will keep your little ones entertained. The singalong works great but I found the game part to be a little buggy, hopefully that will be fixed soon enough.

I'm thrilled to be part of something like this, and look forward to doing more interactive e-books, apps, and the like. It is definitely where the future is headed.

Mobile Painting

I'm back from the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) trade show and the long train ride from Chicago gave me the time (and patience) to do this painting using iphone's Brushes app.

I didn't take much photos at the CHA show but it was a great learning experience. I also got to meet some of design team members of I {heart} Papers-they are all such sweet and crafty ladies.

Some companies I didn't know about that caught my eye at the show-check them out:
Sassafras, Doodlebug Design, October Afternoon

Thats it for now!

Quick Paintings using iphone's Brushes App

The latest fun I've been having is playing around with the Brushes App for the iphone. It is a simple app with basic tools that took the fear out of digital painting for me. A nice break from vector art.

This kitty is one of the first pieces I was finally happy with after playing around with the app for a bit. I'm too embarrassed to show anything before this one!Too bad his little kitty back leg was cropped though!

Then I sort of got the hang of it and did this piece:

Highly recommended app for those who wants to learn digital painting without the pressure. Plus, if its good enough for the New Yorker cover, its good enough for me!

**In moving news**-I'm officially in Ann Arbor, MI! I'm currently without any furniture at the moment; just exploring the town, and getting settled. I can't wait to decorate my new studio space!

More soon and thanks for stopping by!

What's Up

The latest excitement around here is that I finally got an iPhone! I can finally be on the go and stay in touch with clients! (But really I've been obsessively downloading apps and games to play.)

Hard to keep up with blogging right now as my apartment looks like this:
This is the "neat" corner. We don't leave for another month but have started sorting, packing, and throwing things out. Also just enjoying friends, family, and New York City as much as we can before we head out to Ann Arbor. So thank you to those of you who still drop by this blog!

On another note, I have a very fun licensing announcement next month! (Woohoo!) Stay tuned!