Have you send out your Valentines yet?

I've been a bit obsessed with the ABCs lately. After such great feedback and response from the Animal ABCs and Christmas ABCs, I took on the challenge to do Valentine's day. With a little help from my husband ("Q" and "Z" was quite tricky), it was fun coming up with this and using a distinctive vintage color palette, thanks again to colourlovers.com.


detail from the back

Check out all the ABCs I have so far over at my flickr set.

Christmas postcard

Just sent this off to the printers! This will be my Christmas postcard. I've been thinking about what I wanted to do for this year. Since I got so many nice comments about the animal ABCs, I wonder if I can continue it onto other themes.

There are some tricky letters but thats the fun part, figure it out. Even though I felt like I'm cheating a little with the letter Z being "zzzz," I'm pretty happy with the end result.

I'm already thinking about other themes already :-)

Spring Promo at Illustration for Kids

Enjoying the spring weather as I work on my own book dummy and a piece for our spring promo over at Illustration for Kids:
And a thank you to Lori West at Curledupbooks.com for nice review of The Great Matzoh Hunt.

Thats about it around here. I've been taking a slight break from Facebook and Twitter, and giving myself more time for personal projects. Also I need to start doing some research on my upcoming trip to Tokyo. I can't wait!

Moving Postcard-Another Idea

I ended up going with another idea for my moving postcard. This is what I came up with (and printed). But after a few days of thinking about my previous idea though, I want to give the "moving monster" another shot. I received some great feedback to make it better. But since I really should be getting a promo out, this will be mailed out.
Alot of promotion and marketing plans are floating in my mind lately. Personal projects are brewing too. Perhaps my muse did move with me to Ann Arbor...she was just on another flight! :-)