Funny Faces: Pop-Up Board Books

I'm pleased I finally get a chance to show these off! They are a series of pop-up mask books published by Campbell Books. The spreads are masks with a little pop-up on each one.

Spread from Funny Faces: On the Farm   Modeled by my husband :-)
Spread from Funny Faces: On the Farm
Spread from Funny Faces: Fancy Dress    Modeled by yours truly. Hi there!

Spread from Funny Faces: Fancy Dress

So of course I had alot of fun with these! And seeing the final pop-up in the book was really satisfying. There will be two more books in this series coming in the fall- I can't wait to reveal those.

They are available on Amazon UK!

Easter Stickers for Target

This weekend, I found my Easter stickers! This set is sold exclusively at Target, thanks to Peaceable Kingdom Press. I wish it was displayed at a better location, it was hiding in the back of the card section. But of course its always thrilling to find my art at a store, especially at a big one like Target.

Muddle London

I got a chance last year to work with a UK publisher, Campbell Books. They are so friendly and easy to work with and I really had fun with their projects. This is a magnetic play book titled Muddle London, being released today! There are a set of magnets in which you can position onto the pages.

As much as I would like to think I'm a world traveler, I have never been to London before, so it was alot like doing research before a big trip. Now I know exactly where to go and what to do if I was to go there. Some day!

It was also a good challenge for me to do a spread with a map scene (something that is based on real info.) I've come to enjoy doing them and hope to do more of these.

Its available on! Wish I could see this in the stores in the UK!

My Process: Lift-a-flap Books

I worked on this cute little paperback joke book for HarperCollins before I worked on Road Work Ahead. It was where I got the idea to start making dummies of the sketches. There were alot of lift-a-flaps inside to work out, and the art director had sent me this dummy that they did after I submitted the sketches to them. I thought it was really useful.

There were at least 2 flaps but 4 jokes on each spread. The biggest challenge was the layout. Leaving room for the text, but having the flaps work out too. Now I have a whole new appreciation for books with flaps (especially where there is art on the other side!)
Knock knock! Who's there? Ghouls! Ghouls who?
Ghouls and boys both love Halloween!
Overall, I love working on Halloween books, they give me a chance to do something funky and use a different color palette than usual. Grab a copy here :-)