Evolution of a Halloween Book Cover

It is fun to show the process of a cover-from sketches to the end product. I did this with The Great Matzoh Hunt, and now I thought I would show it for Halloween is Here, a sticker book I illustrated that was recently released.

1st Sketch: All 4 of the main characters were featured. It is a bit too crowded for the cover.

Revised Sketch

Color Art

With Type and at the stores! (took this pic at Borders)

Hope you'll get a chance to pick Halloween is Here up at your local bookstores. Happy Halloween!

Creating a Board Book Cover

I thought I would share my rounds of sketches in creating the book cover for The Great Matzoh Hunt. Even though this was a simple board book, a dynamic cover is a must to grab the attention of kids (and parents buying the book.)

  • Round 1: When I think of matzoh, I think of matzoh ball soup. Thats why Duck is holding a ball. Oops! There are four characters in the book, yet all of them on the cover seems a little too crowded.

  • Round 2: The matzoh is fixed and three characters are now on the page. Although all three characters are given equal attention but Duck is the one who finds the matzoh.

  • Round 3: Duck is scaled bigger for a much better layout. Ready to go to color!

  • Round 4: Question about the bunny's gesture- does she look like she is searching?

  • Round 5: Testing out a different gesture on the bunny- maybe she needs to be on her hands and knees? Shaved duck's "feathers" on his head too. Hm....

  • Round 6: The first bunny was OK afterall. The pale yellow background was changed into a brighter green for a bolder look. This is the final-hooray!

  • With the type and on the book!

Sketches at The Apple and The Egg

Some of my random doodles and sketches are featured over at The Apple & The Egg! Thanks to Nikalas Catlow for the invitation. Funny how I just mentioned this children's book illlustration and design blog in a recent post...really love all visual goodness going on over there (and not just because I'm in it now.)
I've really taken to using Molskines now as sketch books ever since I received one as a gift. I think I'm on my third or fourth one now.

To see more sketches, go here. Happy Monday!

How do you work?

I took this picture of my living room wall when I was working on The Haunted Ghoul Bus.
My work area is also my living room, and I had these sketches on my wall for months. It was driving me crazy that it was up there, but work-wise I needed them up on my wall, especially doing sketches for a book. It was easier to see the flow of the book this way. My "technique" is to pace back and forth, looking at the sketches, noting what adjustments are needed. It works well for me. I'm wondering if anyone else works this way?

Now if only I had a "real" studio with 4 walls and a door. Someday....